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A Pathway of Hope and Help for Parents
MARY TOPOLINSKI links arms with parents of adults and teens with mental health challenges to find hope for themselves and help for their families.
Struggle with mental health issues?
Have a serious mental illness diagnosis?
Face the challenge of depression and anxiety?
Find themselves in and out of hospitals and treatment?

Use substances to manage their symptoms?
Cause you distress, worry and anguish?
Long for a place to feel safe, accepted and understood?
Need some practical guidance from a mentor who knows the ropes?
Wish to better understand your child's struggles?
Desire strategies to broach the tough topics and strengthen family connections?
Desperately need a practical plan for coping?

IF SO, the New Day New Way Coaching Program might be right for you!
To learn more, schedule a no obligation Introductory Call
It's a new day, and there's a new way!


Examine your situation to understand it better to prioritize steps that will put you on the path to healing.


Learn strategies to build stronger relationships, approach the tough topics, and have productive conversations for a more harmonious family environment.


Find practical resources, tools and support and choose the ones that are right for your child, your family and yourself.


Create an action plan to ensure you have the necessary tools to handle whatever lies ahead.

What parents are saying:

Sunset on the Desert

When I came to Mary, I had just received devastating news of my daughter's mental illness. I cried every day and was spending my life in sadness and disbelief. I didn't know anyone who went through this experience, and had no one to talk to and share my pain. People in Facebook groups could relate, but couldn't help. I only felt even more scared every time I'd read their posts. 


From the very first coaching session, I knew Mary was a gift to me. She immediately made me feel heard and understood. She knew just the right words to say to help me cope with what had happened. Mary also asked deeply insightful questions that helped me problem-solve the situation, accept my reality, and feel much better about the place I found myself in. It's been a few months now, my daughter is doing much better and stabilized, and I feel much calmer. I can function in my work again.


I don't know what's next for us and how my daughter will feel in the future, but knowing that Mary is there for me makes this difficult journey much more doable. She has a unique coaching style (and I've had multiple coaches in my life), where I always felt a giant "hug" from someone who gets it. I truly do not know how I would've survived these last few months without her. 

M. L.

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