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Group Coaching Parent Class

Get the parenting support and strategies you need to navigate and cope with your adult or teen’s mental health challenges!

Family and friends mean well, but they don’t always get it. 


Friends offer great advice, but it isn’t always helpful. 

Co-workers try to console, but they haven't lived it.

Neighbors watch events unfold with prying eyes.

You feel the sting of judgment from your own church home.

There’s nothing quite as painful as watching your child experience a mental health challenge! You might feel confusion, the inability to cope well, and are unsure where to turn for help.  Relationships within the family unit can begin to breakdown. Your marriage is tense.  You've never felt this kind of stress.


Worse of all you feel like you’re the only one experiencing these difficulties!


SOLUTION Navigating a mental health challenge with your child can be completely daunting, totally overwhelming or seriously devastating.  I thoroughly get it and in many ways am still in the trenches of this difficult parenting journey! Along the way, I have discovered the importance of getting proper support for myself, building family communication, and finding the right help for my child.  I’ve created this program because no one should go through this by themselves.  If you need support and direction from of a mom who has “been there, done that”, in a community of like-minded parents, this program is for you. You are no longer alone!

Discover a roadmap that unpacks your current situation and gives practical communication tools to lead you, your child and your whole family towards the hope you long for and help they need.



Tools for Hoping and Coping 

Practical Solutions for Parents of Adults and Teens with 

Mental Health Challenges 

For Parents of Adults and Teens with Mental Health Challenges 



Examine your situation to understand it better and prioritize steps that will put you on the path to healing.

Results: Gain a clear overview of your situation and develop an individualized roadmap to best help you, your child and family find hope, help and healing.



Learn strategies to build stronger relationships, approach the tough topics, and have productive conversations for a more harmonious family environment.

Results: Learn to truly listen and finally be heard by each other. Cut back on arguing. Discern if behaviors are stemming from their illness or something else. Develop more productive ways to talk to each other.




Signature Program

Begins Monday, August 22 for 8 weeks (No meeting Sept 5 Labor Day)

7:00 - 8:30 pm Central (Optional prayer time 8:30-8:45)


$495 first parent (Post-pilot cost $975)

$445 additional parents (Post-pilot cost $845)

Friends and family $395 each


8 weeks

90 minute class

Optional prayer after class for those interested

1 private coaching call

<No FB group this time>


>>Next Step Program starts Nov 7

6 weeks


>>Ongoing monthly parent check in for $29 per month subscription

Includes private FB group 

(1) 90 minute group parent meeting per month



ASSURANCE - 30 years experience parenting children who have been diagnosed with anxiety disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), seizure disorder, sensory processing disorder, major depression, ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar 1 Disorder, psychosis, suicide attempts and Substance Use Disorder.  Supported my own children through inpatient hospitalizations, therapeutic boarding school, IOP, PHP, detox and rehab facilities, public medical insurance, and multiple community organizations.

13 years experience teaching social strategies to children, teens and young adults with social anxiety, ASD and ADHD. 

5 years experience facilitating a support group with Hope for Hurting Parents.  Trained in the NAMI Family to Family course.  Trained in QPR method of suicide prevention.

Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.




Antelope Canyon

Individual Coaching

Work one on one with Mary!


Group Coaching

Join with others to share the burden, gain insights and lighten the load!

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