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What others are saying...

When I came to Mary, I had just received devastating news of my daughter's mental illness. I cried every day and was spending my life in sadness and disbelief. I didn't know anyone who went through this experience, and had no one to talk to and share my pain. People in Facebook groups could relate, but couldn't help. I only felt even more scared every time I'd read their posts. 


From the very first coaching session, I knew Mary was a gift to me. She immediately made me feel heard and understood. She knew just the right words to say to help me cope with what had happened. Mary also asked deeply insightful questions that helped me problem-solve the situation, accept my reality, and feel much better about the place I found myself in. It's been a few months now, my daughter is doing much better and stabilized, and I feel much calmer. I can function in my work again.


I don't know what's next for us and how my daughter will feel in the future, but knowing that Mary is there for me makes this difficult journey much more doable. She has a unique coaching style (and I've had multiple coaches in my life), where I always felt a giant "hug" from someone who gets it. I truly do not know how I would've survived these last few months without her. 

-M. L.

I am so thankful to have been introduced to Mary for mentor-coaching.  
I appreciate her kind and loving approach to our sessions. She provided education and resources when
I didn’t know where to turn. 
-K. D.

The day I met Mary I knew she was someone extraordinary... she radiated pure love.

I knew I had to have her in my life.  When I reached out to her to be my parent mentor-coach, I knew it was no accident that God put her in my life.  Mary’s knowledge is priceless. I was at the lowest point in my life when I started working with her.  She understands the roller coaster one is on when your child is suffering and when you're sitting on the sidelines watching them slip away a little more each day.  Mary has been my rock in this journey, making it bearable.  Her wisdom is endless.

-D. B.

Prior to meeting with Mary, I was very skeptical about whether a parent mentor-coach was right for me.  My life has been the farthest thing from simple or calm.  I met Mary Topolinski at a women's retreat and attended one of her workshops.  I was blown away by her peaceful demeanor, compassionate heart and her knowledge. When I finally made the call to inquire about coaching, it was one of the bravest and most life-changing moments for me.


What I have received from Mary in our few months of coaching sessions has been equivalent to years I have spent seeing counselors but with far greater success.  I have been more at peace and am getting a better handle on the chaos and crises in my life. I am feeling more empowered to make wise choices, my emotional well-being has improved substantially, and I generally feel more hopeful and encouraged.


Mary is a resourceful, caring spirit, whose patience and understanding is like no one I have met before. Her combination of professionalism and  calm disposition puts my mind and heart at ease immediately.  I am eternally grateful to Mary and look forward to working with her for years to come!

-D. S.

I was referred to Mary as I was searching for direction, encouragement and guidance.

This was scary, tentative step for me because it required forward movement and change. 

When I first met Mary, I immediately felt a deep sense of comfort, acceptance and affinity. Mary's encouragement helped create a sense of confidence and gave me courage to move forward.  Mary did this quite efficiently and with compassion. 

-D. M.

What I love most about my sessions with Mary is how, at my request, she incorporates God's Word using scripture and stories from the Bible and prays each session, as I've asked for.  I can feel God's Presence in her sweet prayers and know they are making a difference in my life! 

-D. S.

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