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About Mary

MARY TOPOLINSKI has been there.  She's walked the journey of parenting through serious mental illness, substance abuse, autism, and significant life challenges.  She has walked this painful, difficult, and often confusing road for decades but has found new answers to cope from a place of health and strength. Her experiences, combined with extensive training and reliable research, has lead Mary to create The New Day New Way Program to bring hope and help for you and your family. 


Mary's greatest passion is to help hurting parents just like you! She has spent years in training, instruction and implementation to became a Mentor-Coach for the sole purpose of guiding parents who struggle through serious issues with their grown or growing children.  She's currently studying to become a Certified Mental Health Coach and Christian Professional Life Coach at Light University.


If you're reading this, maybe you're a hurting parent like Mary.  

If so, Mary offers individual coaching as well as the New Way New Day Program for groups, to help you find hope for your journey and help for your family!  


Allow Mary to take you by the hand and lead you to practical action steps on the pathway of healing.  Isn't it time to get the strategies and support that you desire and deserve?  Mary is an experienced mentor-coach who can relate, and would consider it an honor to encourage you as you find the strength you need.  

You are no longer alone!  






Mary Topolinski is the founder of Mary Topolinski Coaching and the New Day New Way Program, in addition to Social Strategies which provides social skills training for kids, teens and adults. She is an Associate Certified Coach through Coaching Out of the Box and the International Coaching Federation. She is a women's retreat speaker and small group leader.  She volunteers as a group facilitator for “Hope for Hurting Parents”.  Mary is passionate about partnering alongside parents who are walking through difficulties with their adult or teen children.

She has been married to her husband Jeff since 1989 and has three grown sons. She has mothered her children through decades of crises by navigating the worlds of serious mental illness, autism, substance use disorder, and neurological disorders. She is also a proud military mom!


Her greatest joy comes from sharing her experiences, encouraging others, and using her pain to direct others onto their own path of hope, help and healing. Mary loves grabbing lunch with a friend, spending time with family, crafting and creative arts, and hiking in the woods... her happy place!

Antelope Canyon

Individual Coaching

Work with Mary one on one or as a parenting couple!


New Day New Way Group Coaching

Join with others to share the burden, gain insights and lighten the load!

Navigating in Woods
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